Urbanlab Chisinau

Urbanlab Chisinau

Supporting sustainable development through a place-based approach.

Urbanlab Chisinau is a non-government organization established in 2017. Our primary focus is promoting a balanced, place-based development, with respect towards ecological, cultural and social values. To achieve this, we implement a wide range of activities in fields such as urban planning, conservation and development.

  • Research

    We carry out research, devise tools for innovative planning and propose ways for successful implementation. We actively promote sustainable development principles to wider audiences.

  • Projects

    We design and implement development projects which respect social and cultural values. We develop long-lasting partnerships with other local and international organizations that share the same values.

  • Consultancy and expertise

    We assist public, private and civic actors into elaborating and implementing policies and programs in support for local communities.

Highlight projects

  • ArcheoDanube

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    Guidelines for Intervention on Historic Buildings in Chisinau

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    Chisinau Circus – Participative Reinvention

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    We are heritage – promoting bottom-up heritage-led actions

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